This is my first ever experience at a chiropractor and I have to say it’s the best one yet! Dr. Tagle is very knowledgeable on what he’s doing and is happy to answer any question you have! Every move is explained before and he makes sure you feel reassured of what he’s doing. After my session, I can say that I’m feeling much lighter and less stiff, especially on my shoulders. I can see myself coming in every once in a while :^)

– Kerri P.

This was my first ever chiropractic visit and it was a wholesome experience with Dr. Tagle. He was very helpful with my problems and provided ways I could prevent the problem from occurring more often. I was really nervous and scared for my first session but not only did he relieved my pains, he also made it an enjoyable experience. Highly reccomend!

– Donny N.

Shout out to Dr. Tagle who got me back in the gym in less than FOUR days after injuring my lower back from doing a bad deadlift. Since he’s also into fitness, he basically knew exactly what I did wrong and educated me on bettering my form. I was in a whole lot of discomfort and pain when I hurt my back. Thanks to him, I was able to bounce back up and recover almost fully in just a few days. He is incredible and has a returning customer for life!

– Tiff W.

Dr. Tagle and his girls are amazing!! Was involved in an accident and needed some much needed care. Been goin here for 3 weeks now and WOW!! What a difference from when I first walked in! Dr. Tagle walked me thru everything and made me feel super comfortable. He’s funny and so personable. The girls are pretty amazing as well! Their deep tissue massages are DEEP!! But so good!! Love the whole gang and so happy we found this place. Another HUGE plus he’s affordable which is great. Thank you Dr Tagle ur the BEST!!!

– Carolina M.

I have seen many chiropractors in my life. A friend off mine recommended Dr. Marissa Sturges as she is close to my office. Her adjustment technique is very calm and gentle. I have tons of issues (neck, shoulder, low back, sciatica. I-T-band is so tight it hurts with a light touch). After receiving adjustments from Dr. Sturges, my range of motion has greatly improved! I am even bringing my family in for treatments!

– Lia N.