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What is Contour Light – Body Sculpting? Contour Light is a light emitting diode (LED) system specifically designed to contour the body by losing inches in circumference off specific body areas (waist, hips, thighs, arms, neck) without any pain, downtime, needles or surgery. Contour Light is composed of 4 extra-large pads that are strapped directly to the fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

What can I expect during a Contour Light – Body Sculpting session? The treatment stimulates the natural drainage of the lymphatic system, which flushes away retained fluid in the body resulting in a slimming effect. As long as there is pliable, squeezable fat, the system will work. Once the pads are in place, you can expect to feel a gentle, warm sensation and simply enjoy a relaxing 20-minute session.

How quickly does Contour Light – Body Sculpting work and what results can I expect? Results vary from individual to individual, but typically can be seen immediately. Individuals have lost anywhere from 2” to 8” inches over the course of a series of treatments.

Is Contour Light – Body Sculpting permanent? The Contour Light treatment is a way to assist in achieving your weight loss goals. By no means is it a permanent solution to your weight challenges.

What area of the body can be treated? The Contour Light treatment can be effectively used on essentially every part of the body where localized fat deposits exist that are resistant to diet and exercise. This includes the waist, hips, upper legs, thighs and upper arms.

What risks are involved? There are no risks involved in using Contour Light – Body Sculpting. It is considered a safe alternative to invasive procedures such as traditional liposuction. The Contour Light treatment is 100% non-invasive and it does not cause any bruising, swelling, redness, scarring or pain. You can return to work or activity after each session.

How can I optimize my Contour Light – Body Sculpting results? Hydration, exercise and a modified caloric intake are crucial to maximize results. Drink plenty of water (ideally at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water) spread out throughout the day to flush the fat from the system. Diuretics (coffee, alcohol, etc.) are discouraged. It is highly encouraged to actively burn approximately 350 calories a day doing a form of cardio exercise, during the course of treatment to maximize results.

How is Contour Light – Body Sculpting different than Liposuction? Liposuction is an invasive procedure involving the mechanical removal of fat cells. By contrast, Contour Light is completely non-invasive and only affects fat cells temporarily. Contour Light - Body Sculpting does not compete with liposuction; it is simply a body shaping option available to clients who do not wish to undergo a surgical procedure.

Does Contour Light – Body Sculpting help with loose skin? Anecdotal evidence suggests that clients undergoing Contour Light have noticed an improvement in skin tone and texture.

Does Contour Light – Body Sculpting improve the appearance of cellulite? Anecdotal evidence suggests that clients undergoing Contour Light have noticed an improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

How long will results last? Contour Light does not destroy fat cells but empties them of their content which means that fat cells are capable of restoring fat should the client have a chronic caloric imbalance. A balanced diet is the only way to ensure long-term improvement. Clients who eat more calories than they burn will see their improvement decrease over time.

Why should clients avoid alcohol during the Contour Light – Body Sculpting sessions? There are three main reasons why alcohol should be avoided:

  1. Alcohol is a diuretic and it is critical that the body stays optimally hydrated throughout the treatment program.
  2. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories: a 5-ounce glass of red wine packs 100 calories. This directly conflicts with the recommendations of the program which calls for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Third and most importantly, alcohol is processed as fat by the liver which directly restricts the body’s ability to process the newly liberated fat. Once liberated by Contour Light, the fat that is not used up as energy to fuel the body’s normal metabolic needs, fat is processed by the liver using enzymes. The total amount of fat being processed at any given time is limited by the amount of enzymes produced by the liver. Alcohol is processed as fat by the liver using the same enzymes. So, when the liver is busy processing alcohol, it is not able to process the fat liberated by Contour Light. Hence more time / treatments are required to achieve results.